Suffer Forever

by Step Back

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Suffer Forever EP


released June 13, 2017

Recorded @ 993K Studios
Mixed and Mastered by Fabian Rubio

Vocals: Clemente Rodriguez
Bass: Cesar Rodriguez
Guitar: Burt Reyes
Drums: Anaiah Lei



all rights reserved


Step Back Los Angeles, California


Los Angeles Hate Edge

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Track Name: Step Back
Track Name: Enemy Of Mine
Lie to the sheep to keep your false peace
I urge to keep your filth at my cease
You won't fool me, I see through your shit
You won't deceive me, I flaw all the words you spit

Fed up and now I'm taking my action
Making my peace through violent reaction
Enemy of mine, destined to bleed
Your time is up your life shall not proceed

None shall fucking mourn, none shall weep
Until I place you six feet deep

No love for you, no sympathy

A life gone to waste
A life with no fucking meaning

It's your time to die
Farewell Goodbye
Track Name: Day By Day
Day by day, I'm forced to live
No God to be or forgive
I live alone, I die alone
No God to hear me drone

I live alone, I die alone
No God to hear me drone

The life I live, dragging me on my knees
Just another worthless soul on the city street

Suffer forever
No escape from the pain, till my dying day
Track Name: Mercy No More
Strength, through the pain that you provoked
Pay dues to me, revenge cannot be revoked

Mercy no more (x4)

Time struck for you to suffer, by my hand is now
Driven by vengeance that I proclaim and vow

Mercy no more (x4)

I am forever
You are put to rest
Your soul castrated in hell
In fire you infest

Mercy no more (x4)